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General fire safety tips

You are in Catalonia, a Mediterranean country with a lot of forest. Fires are particularly prevalent in the summer due to drought although there is also fire risk during drought periods in winter. Therefore, the following fire safety measures must be taken into consideration

  • Do not discard lit cigarette butts, matches, and smoking materials neither when driving nor when walking.
  • Do not throw rockets, firecrackers, fireworks, or any other fire items in fire prone areas, neither in open fields and farmlands nor in urban areas surrounded by forest.
  • Do not use barbecues that are not authorized. They should be made of bricks and with spark arresters.
  • Burning yard waste is not allowed. Waste should be taken to the dump or to the recycle point where they will triturate it and turn it to mulch or compost.
  • Never leave garbage or debris in the forest. Use the suitable containers.
  • Trim all tree branches next to your house and store firewood away from your house.
  • Set aside household items that can be used as fire tools (hoses, axes) and water vessels.


In case of emergency follow the authorities’ advices and instructions. Keep yourself updated through media social (radio, television, web, twitter, etc.).Keep yourself updated through media social (radio, television, web, twitter, etc.).

Remember, if you need help during an emergency, call 112.

Imatge consells preventius

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If a wildfire reaches your home

  • Call 112 and follow at all times the instructions of emergency services.
  • If advised to evacuate, turn off the gas at the main gas service shutoff valve and electrical devices, pack important items (personal documentation, cash and medicines) and go where the emergency services advice you to go.
  • In case a fire surrounds your place, stay inside, shut the doors and windows and cover all the gaps underneath the doors.
  • Fill in with water the bath and the sinks, splash doors and windows with water; place wet cloth material around or under the door to help prevent smoke from entering the room.
  • Shut off natural gas, propane, fuel or oil supplies, wear protective cotton or woollen clothing. If caught in smoke, leave the lights switched on, crawl under smoke and stay low.
Imatge: si l'incendi arriba a casa vostra

If caught in a wildfire

  • If caught in a wildfire, move opposite the wind direction and head for an already burned area.
  • Soak a handkerchief and cover your face to avoid the smoke. Do not take shelter inside wells or coves. If you are near the sea or river, get as to close to the water as possible and if necessary get inside.
  • If caught while driving, park off the roadway, shut doors, roll up windows and close all the air vents.
  • Turn hazard lights on to make yourself visible.


Update:  26.10.2018