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Chemical risk



Catalonia gathers an important business fabric which is the country’s major economic driver. Some of these industries belong to the chemical sector and although they are very safe, there is always inevitably a certain risk. Chemical accidents require a fast and effective response. That is why it is very important to follow the chemical safety tips at all times.

In case of a chemical emergency: keep indoors

If an accident involving hazardous materials occurs, a warning will be launched by authorities.

You can also notice that there is a chemical emergency by siren signals. A warning signal will be given through the siren tones; there are three warning signals, each lasting one minute and separated by a five-second interval. 

You will hear this siren tone also in cases of a blast or breathing difficulty.


Keep indoors

If you are outside, seek immediate indoor shelter inside a sturdy building.

Close all doors and windows, and go to interior rooms or as far inside the house as possible.

Turn off air conditioners and ventilation systems.

If you live with old people, children or people with respiratory diseases check on them especially if there has been a toxic leak.

Do not go to the basement or lower part of the building, unless you are told otherwise by the authorities.

Be aware of a possible tap water restriction.

During a chemical emergency

Do not go to pick up your children to school. Teachers know what to do.

Do not stay inside your car. It is not a safe shelter. Go inside the nearest building.

Refrain from calling except in an emergency. Lines can collapse.


In case of a risk of explosion

If there is a risk of a flammable or gas leak, you should move to the opposite side of the place the blast is expected to happen. 

  • Do not use any ignition source inside the house and switch off the boiler.
  • Protect window panes by making a cross with insulating type.
  • Pull the blinds down and draw curtains.
  • Use tables, chairs and furniture as a barrier.
  • Stay away from windows and move to the opposite side of the house where the explosion is expected to happen; the blast can break them and cause injure from fragments propelled in the air.
  • If you are outdoors, look for shelter behind a natural slope.


During the emergency: keep updated

Tune in to your local media or a broadcast station, follow the Civil Protection Twitter to receive latest updates (@emergenciescat ) or any other media to keep informed about the emergency progress and the next steps to be taken.

If a power outage happens, a battery-operated radio and spare batteries would come in most handy to get the latest updates and the emergency action plans.

Consignes accident químic

After a chemical emergency


A three-minute steady siren tone will warn you of the end of threat.

  • Do not go outside unless you are told to do so by the authorities (on the radio) or until you hear the All clear signal siren. The air could still be poisoned.
  • Do not go down the basement or drink tap water until you are told it is safe. 

Once it is safe to go out ventilate your house.

Update:  04.04.2018